Youth Enrichment Program

Youth Enrichment Program

The Youth Enrichment Program (YEP) works in partnership with local high schools. Students enrolled in the Youth Enrichment Program are withdrawn from regular classes for one day each week during the school term.

YEP is an innovative, creative, and highly interactive program that engages and inspires young people through educational activities and workshops throughout the year.

Each student receives individually tailored support designed to develop resilience, lifelong skills and a connection with their local community. Through participation in the program students enhance their ability for independence and make informed decisions about their future.

YEP helps students to:-

  • develop skills, values and attitudes necessary to succeed at school, prepare for future studies and employment
  • become active members of their community
  • encourage initiative and social responsibility
  • merges life skills and personal development with accredited training
  • develop pathways to further training or employment.


If you are interested in this program for your school, please contact